Intro to SEO Basics

SEO Basics

Important HTML Elements

Title tags, meta descriptions, open graph data, structured data, links, h tags, headers elements, etc.

Mobile Friendly Websites

Why mobile is important, mobile first index, creating responsive sites, etc.

Ranking Factors Discussion

What matters to Google? Over 300 ranking factors with thousands of sub ranking factors likely depending on things like user intent or multipliers, links, citations, on page SEO, page speed, original content, authority, reviews, social signals, internal linking, site architecture, user metrics, user intent, etc.

Getting Setup With a Website / Hosting

What choices need to be made? Fast hosting is a must and a brand able domain name is preferable. EMD's don't matter anymore except for click throughs and branding if possible.

Choosing a CMS

Wordpress or Squarespace

Page Speed Optimization

Load times generally under 2 seconds, not only because page speed is a ranking factor but so is user metrics.

Setting up Google Analytics and Search Console

Walkthrough, explain different sections

Site Architecture / URL Structure

How do you want your site to look? What should you index, what URL structure works best?


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